The Return of... Spooky Blue Translucent Goons.

I spent quite some time today moving all my recordings from my computer that I used prior to the year 2009. I found a few things that I hardly remember recording, but for the most part most everything will be looked through & given a listen. There is an entire album that I never made time to release.

The album is called Spooky Blue Translucent Goons. The recordings range from 2005 - 2009. Yes this is a wide range of time, but I was never satisfied with most of the recordings. Not that they are bad, but more so I wanted them to have a lot better production quality, a quality that I would never be able to achieve during those years. This is mainly due too I was still learning about recording & the recording process, but now that all this time has passed its time to let the recordings out of the electronic vault.

It will take me a while to sort through it all & find the key components, but when its done it should be interesting. I personally have not listened to many of the recordings since the day I recorded many of them.

Here are a few songs from memory that I know will be on it...

1: Bubble Umbrella Octopus
2: Tomorrow
3: Break of Dawn
4: A robots box
5: Northern Land
6: Poof Sections 1, 2 & 3.
7: I'll Hide
8: Blue Candle

Alright That's all for now. :-)


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