The Future Mystery

Its been a while... I've not posted anything to this blog in a while & I think its about time I start again. You have be diverse these days & well this is just one other site I have at hand. I want to use this page to post more personal text sort of thoughts, ideas & opinions. Who knows why really... its just something to do.

I am looking for another job. I hate looking for a job, its just not my thing / nobodies thing really. Its just depressing to think about & its in my face constantly & most companies are barely hiring. I apply for about 15 - 20 jobs most days with little reply from any of them. I've had 3 interviews & have not gotten 1 call back. Its just sad.

Living with my parents again is not my ideal life neither. I've been on my own for the last 14 years to come back & live with my parents is just silly.

Thankfully I am very well loved & liked & I am very thankful to them, but a man like me needs his man cave!


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