The Grey Alien Race.

Ok these so called Grey aliens are for the most part, the most popular image of so called aliens. In 1961 a couple named Betty & Barney Hill were the first to come across these guys. I've paid mild attention to UFOs & Alien pop culture most of my life & for the most part, most of the stories since the 80's that I've heard are about the Grey's.

However I can not debunk the Grey's because I really don't know enough to really care but I find one thing just silly.

1: The Grey's are always seen naked. Why? Have they out smarted the cold or are they cold blooded? I would think even a lizard if it were intelligent enough would love to wear a sweater.

So just from the idea that they don't wear cloths postulates several questions...

1: So if they don't need or like cloths? What does that say about them?

2: Are they extremely logical thinkers & they don't have  cloths to cut down on waist?

3: Do they not wear cloth during an abduction to not show off any individuality?

4: Are they a race that has shunned the idea of individuality & are somewhat like the borg collective?

5: Do they just turn on the UFO air conditioner to keep warm?

I really don't know the answer, but really this image of naked grey skinned humanoid beings seems very silly.

I personally can draw up some a lot cooler, smarter, more believable looking aliens if I cared to try.


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