UFO's & Dreams.

At night I've been getting more dreams then usual & my usual is usually no dreams at all but, when you don't have to be no where, you tend to sleep in more & get more REM sleep... well I don't know about others, but as for myself this is true.

Most all of my dreams end with me fighting or running away from aliens. All of them start off normal much like my life, but after a little while the tiny bits of darkness start creeping out, such as... a creepy person asking a demented question or out of a dark corner I'll see a set of red eyes. In the end I hardly ever remember my dreams & at the same time what I do remember is that they always end horridly... like I end up dead or come close solving the issue or finding where or whatever the beast is... & I always wake up before it gets really bad.

I have an album of dream dialogs posted on my bandcamp page titled. Eshniner's Dreams. Its of any dream I actually remember from my childhood to adulthood.

I recently found a folder with a few dreams in them from 2004. I plan on making audio recordings of them & posting them to the Eshniner Dream album. It may take me a few months to get around to it though.


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