Watch Dr. Who

Song Title: Watch Dr. Who
By: Eshniner Forest
Length: 03:17
Instruments Used: Guitar, Bass, Electric Guitar, Organ, Electric Piano, Drums, Vocals Multi-Tracked, Bugs Bunny Jack in the Box.

Today I recorded a song I've been messing around with for the last few days. It has a catchy tune riff, for the verse & the chorus is quite pretty. The lyrics are off the top of nothing. I'm not really into putting much meaning into lyrics any more, its all just works it self into the attack of the notes. Even in the songs I love the most I hardly remember the lyrics, but will remember the overall melody.

The melody is what I've always focused on, much like the bands I adore the most, its just apart of the process.

As for the lyrics I do say watch Dr. Who. Dr. Who is a show I really like... but other then that Dr. Who is the only real lyrical importance. Other then that all the other lyrics are just to fill the void...

At the end of the recording can be heard a bugs bunny jack in the box toy melody on the fade out.

I'm going to document my musical activities here. Its a good thing because most no one will read it.


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